Microsoft SQL Server is the DBMS of the Year

Microsoft SQL Server had its ups and downs throughout the years in our ranking,
but 2016 was exceptionally good,regaining ground towards Oracle, the leading system
in the ranking. The release of SQL Server 2016 and the announcement to port
SQL Server to Linux has certainly helped to curb interest in that product.


SQL Server is particularly strong in the ranking categories job offers and LinkedIn profiles,
but it scores very well also in all the other ranking components such as Search Engine hits,
Google Trends and StackOverflow discussions.

  1.     Method of calculating the scores of the DB-Engines Ranking
  2.     Number of mentions of the system on websites, measured as number of results
    in search engines queries.
  3.     General interest in the system. For this measurement, we use the frequency
    of searches in Google Trends.
  4.     Frequency of technical discussions about the system.
  5.     Number of job offers, in which the system is mentioned.
  6.     Number of profiles in professional networks, in which the system is mentioned.
  7.     Relevance in social networks. We count the number of Twitter tweets, in which the
    system is mentioned.

SQL Server connection details

Get All connection details for instance.

Use this query

;with cte as (select conn.session_id,sess.[host_name],sess.[program_name],sess.client_interface_name,
from sys.dm_exec_connections conn inner join
sys.dm_exec_sessions  sess on conn.session_id=sess.session_id
inner join sys.sysprocesses  sproc on sess.session_id=sproc.spid
select,cte.*   from cte inner join sys.sysdatabases db1 on cte.databaseid=db1.dbid
and session_id>=48 and cte.databaseid>4
order by DatabaseName